DC Language Services

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About DC       

Human: Connect with a real, compassionate, knowledgeable person who understands you

Vivante:  Connectez-vous avec une vraie personne informée et instruite, pour qui la langue est une passion

Native English-speaker: Born and raised in the USA     

De langue maternelle anglaise (américaine): Née et élevée dans l'état de Michigan (USA)

Bilingual: English and French.  Concentrated scope of expertise means superlative results  

Bilingue: Anglais et français. Une attention toute particulière vous rendra un résultat exceptionnel  


Educated: Master’s degree, specializing in language instruction     

Diplômée: Maîtrise en enseignement de langues

Experienced: 31 years combined bilingual teaching, translating, interpreting, writing, editing

Expérimentée: 31 ans: enseignement, traduction, interprétation, écriture, rédaction, correction 


Uncompromising: Exceptional standards deliver you the most valuable product 

Exigeante: Qualité supérieure pour un résultat haut-de-gamme


Language is my passion, my inspiration. 

I believe that language is art and power, revealing a person’s character, sense of humor, intelligence and social standing. So much more powerful than the words we know is how we use them: to unite people, build businesses, join families and bridge cultures.

-Donna Carpentier, founder of DC Language Services

Born (1966) and raised in the state of Michigan, USA.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Central Michigan University, in Secondary Education: 

                            Major—English Grammar and Literature


  • Certificat, Alliance Française, Paris.
  • Master’s Degree, Wayne State University, in French Language and Culture.

                            French language learning and teaching: theory, research, phonetics, etymology, philosophy, culture and literature.

  • Certificat, l’Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France.


  • Business owner, DC Bilingual Language Services, website, currently based in North Carolina.
  • Advanced Placement French, Private French Language Instructor, North Carolina (student earned 5/5 on the AP Exam)
  • Professor of French Language, Film and Culture, French Teacher Preparation, Winthrop University, South Carolina.
  • English Language Teacher, Private Contractor for an internet company, serving French Executives.
  • Interpreter, translator, teacher.  Private Contractor, International Bureau of Translations: Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Teacher: English and French.  Roeper School, 6th through 12th grades, Gifted program.
  • Private, adult business professionals; children and teens: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina; Paris.
  • Summer and school holiday French language camps; children and teens.
  • Coach: Forensics (public speaking and debate)
  • Interpreter, translator, teacher.  Private Contractor, International Bureau of Translations: Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Chief Writer, Editor and Publisher of the Alliance Française d’Indianapolis’ Monthly Bulletin d’Information.
  • Board Member, Conversation Group Leader, Event Co-Planner, Alliance Française d’Indianapolis.
  • French Language and Culture Guest Speaker. 

  • Married, 30 years
  • Mom of 2 boys: Sebastien (26o); Cameron (23)
  • Coach: Rocket Man Pole Vault (owner, coach); former Cross Country and Distance Track, Lake Norman High School. 
  • Running; downhill skiing; boating, wake boarding and wake surfing; cooking